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Bringing inspiration to education for
greater impact.

At InspED we are embarking on a transformative journey to reshape the educational landscape, fuelled by an unwavering commitment to inclusivity and the recognition of individual strengths.

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Encouraging a Culture of Empowerment

Under the leadership of entrepreneur Shane Muller, InspED’s mission is to empower people to harness their unique strengths, creating a meaningful impact in their communities and world. We focus on the outliers within the education system—the ones who defy norms and grapple with fitting into conventional frameworks.

Our vision is to encourage a culture of empowerment and inclusivity within the education system, where every voice is not only heard but also valued and celebrated.


We aim to equip learners with the essential mindset needed to thrive in a dynamic world

InspED provides personalised entrepreneurship, coaching, mentoring, training, internships, and volunteering, tailored to diverse challenges faced by various groups.

Coaching & Mentoring

Unlock and Unleash all your talents and live the life you were designed and destined for with our unique Coaching and Mentoring service.

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Our programs are equipped with the tools and strategies necessary to grow a culture of empowerment and make an impact.

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Through community activities, we create spaces for collaboration, dialogue, and collective growth, strengthening connections and fostering a sense of belonging.

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Your Unique Edge™ - Living your Masterpiece

This publication is a profound exploration of the importance of embracing one’s unique self and living authentically. Author Shane Muller’s heartfelt message resonates with readers of all ages, inspiring them to break free from societal pressures, appreciate their individuality, and unlock their true potential. Through captivating stories and insightful reflections, “Your Unique Edge™ – Living Your Masterpiece” encourages readers to embrace their uniqueness and recognise the immense value they hold within.

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Your Unique Edge™ - Living your Masterpiece Book Launch

Helping people to discover and live their masterpiece (Phase 1)

Impact Worth™ — finding your fuel and making a difference

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Join us at InspED to embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, empowerment and a more inclusive educational landscape. Let’s work together to unlock your true potential and create a fulfilling life.

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